Residential Services

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Residents of Daly City and Colma began receiving new & improved weekly trash, recycling and yard waste collection March 31, 2008! This service includes a dark grey cart for trash disposal, a green cart for yard waste and a blue cart for single stream recycling. This new service makes curbside collection as easy as 1-2-3!

Trash carts are available in 3 different sizes: 32, 65 or 96-gallons.
Recycling carts are available in the 65-gallon size.
Yard Waste carts are only available in the 32-gallon size.

Important items to remember when using the new weekly service:

  • Set your carts at the curbside either the night before your collection day or by 4:00 a.m. the day of your collection.
  • In accordance with Daly City Municipal Code 8.14.080 B; Receptacles for residential units shall be placed at curbside for collection by the authorized recycling agent; but shall not be placed at curbside earlier than twelve hours prior to the date and time for scheduled collection, nor left remaining at curbside longer than twelve hours following the date and time for scheduled collection.
  • Your collection day MAY be scheduled on the same day as street sweeping service. Signs are posted on your street noting sweeping day and the hours in which the curbside must be kept clear.

Below are examples of how to properly place your carts out for collection.

Option #1
Option 1 should be used if your curbside is clear of parked cars and allows enough room for the truck to safely empty your carts.

Option #2
Option 2 is for those customers who do not have access to curbside collection (if cars or other obstructions are in the way). These customers should place their carts on the street at the entrance of their driveway.

Set out options if street sweeping is the same day as your collection day

Customers whose waste and recycling collection occurs on the same day as street sweeping service should place their carts on the sidewalk or lawn as shown below. Please make note of the posted days and times when street sweeping service takes place in your neighborhood.